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1.Mind the World is a movement, what found it's base in "I have a dream too". The "I have a dream too" idea started after reading the article " The silver age" from Tijn Touber and Jurian Kamp, in "Ode" by Casey Godrie. The article is about possibilities in the coming years once the baby boom generation is getting retired. After starting their ideals in the sixties and seventies they were busy with their surviving plan in our world but now they have the knowledge, money, network and time to help the world out of it's struggle whether it comes to fair and green in cooperation with the necessary money and political stuff. So, silver age people, together with the new generation, including everybody inbetween who feels like supporting, please cooperate, try to find each other on our facebook and do your thing. Just by yourself, together or support us, physically or financially. Let's come together as one and let's try to make the difference, right now for here and now and the future for them and us.

2. Mind the World is a non-profit organization, independent and transparent. We receive no money from governments or corporations: no banners, no sponsor funds, nothing! We rely entirely on donations from people around the world.

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