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We believe constructive, Inspiring News is news too! We as Mind the World, don’t ignore the regular news but we see that the media pays little attention to many uplifting events that happen daily everywhere around us. They also pay not many attention to new solutions for old problems. Next to the 24/7 regular news you can find everywhere we offer you a selection of constructive, Inspiring News from around the world.


Mind the World offers you a wealth of inspirational news about people, business, environment, health, culture, nature, science and much more inspiring news from all around the world.

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Why we spread Inspiring News?


We believe that news has a great impact on people’s consciousness. Our selection of constructive, Inspiring News not just informs. It focuses, inspires and encourages people and media to contribute to a better world for everyone. The more people signing up to our free newsletter, the more we can reward the media who published this kind of news. More info about our news and brands mission you can read on About Us.


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