Fair Brands


Mind the World is about changing the world into a better place to live, consume and work in. A fair world with humane environments and a healthy planet for everyone, created by socially-responsible corporations . 

We will be rewarding fair corporations by ranking their most Fair Brands judged on social working conditions and their respect for people and our environment. This will be communicated actively within our extensive online network. This ranking covers a wide range of products and services: from clothes to phones and from food to travel and credit cards.


After mentioning and nominating all self respecting brands in those areas the ranking starts. We can then all see by a transparent questionnaire and the individual answers which are the truly fair brands and products. Corporations will be forced to compete with one another in their attitude to fair practices and their responsibility for the environment,in order to achieve a higher position in our ranking.  More info about our news and brands mission you can read on About Us.


Change by rewarding


You can see here how changing organizations by rewarding really works. This short video from Carrotmob, a small online group with a similar viewpoint, shows how this works on a local scale in San Francisco.


You, together with Mind the World, can make this significant change by rewarding happen on a global scale. Let's change the world into a better place for everyone!

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