About Us


Mind the World is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our organization is founded on February 2009 by Casey Godrie, Tijn Touber and Robbert Zoon during our stay in beautiful, inspiring Bali, Indonesia. We invite you as an ambassador. 

Last update 2018 : At the moment we are a sleeping organization, waiting for a new team to get this vehicle on the road and in the same time inspiring different people starting new organizations. We could locally see, in holland, www.rankabrand.nl and the inspiring news on sublime radio, jazzy sound, sponsored by volvo is moving into the direction where we want to go. So share the idea, inspire and shine ! 


Our Team :

Casey Godrie is born in Breda, a city in the south of Holland, lives every year half a year totally in and around Amsterdam, the other half year he is a few times for a month in Bali and travels the other months all over. After a brief orientation on the social academy in Breda he got involved in his father's agency, artist booking and organization office. In this field he got specialized into networking, communication, concept thinking and marketing. Later on, as an entrepreneur, he used this skills about 10 years for organizing festivals and founded several new successful concepts on all kind of locations. Since the nineties he participated in a fifties store, changed it into an interior design store and started a chain in all the big cities in Holland and in Belgium. This included the, for connoisseurs, famous BeBoB Interior design gallery, along the canal in Amsterdam. Many museums, collectors and galleries from all over the world got supplied by this post war specialized 20th Century interior design gallery. "Wallpaper" only mentioned BeBoB as interesting vintage interior design store in Holland. This gallery brings him a very interesting network. In the same period he also founded, together with architect Peter Vöge from the Amsterdam Rietveld Academy, the foundation "Chairmuseum". In order to stimulate interest for the Dutch designer W.H. Gispen he created a website and published a book about Gispen Furniture and later on a Dutch magazine: "Glass & Ceramics", together with Makiri Mual. Living and traveling in underdeveloped countries for many years makes him more and more aware that we need to find a solution together, to survive together. In 2001, he founded, together with his wife Elly Godrie-Schuitevoerder, the APA foundation, to help disabled youngsters in underdeveloped places in Asia. In 2006 he worked out a new idea: "I have a dream too". A concept about ranking brands and products to stimulate corporations worldwide to deliver fair products to get high in a ranking. It's a concept based on rewarding, what later on becomes the base for "Mind the World" In 2007 he was asked to help an Asian orientated spiritual centre/lounge place on the Dutch beach, called "Ganpati". He participated for 50%. For this place with yoga, meditation, tai chi, massage, lounge and restaurant he was responsible for marketing, concept thinking, improving the website, interior design, styling and communication. He also made contracts for therapists and was involved in new insurance structures. In 2009, during a meeting in Ubud on the Indonesian island Bali, Tijn Touber, Robbert Zoon and Casey Godrie decided to cooperate and start a hopefully mind blowing online project: Mind the World, which includes Casey's concept "I have a dream too". Casey's slogan: Live your dream and choose optimism above realism.


Tijn Touber is born in Amsterdam. He is musician, writer and inspirator, He is founder of Lois Lane. Their first album reached the number one position of the Dutch Album Top 100 and sold over 100.000 times. Tijn wrote the movie song for "Amsterdamned". 

After this period he focused on consciousness development, studied with enlightened people and lived fourteen year as a yogi in Amsterdam. In this period he trained the Amsterdam Police, offenders in jails, nursing staff in hospitals (VU, AMC and MCA) and youngsters on Lowlands, a Dutch festival. Tijn knows how to bring spirituality into daily live and to daily practice. He writes in columns, interviews and stories. In June 2009 his bestseller "Spoedcurcus Verlichting" got published and a year later a new bestseller "Verlicht Leven". Again a year later is the time his book "Stadsverlichting" got released, an initiative for regularly opening up rooms of private people for community mediation. As we speak, June 2013, about 500 rooms are involved. Next to this Tijn performs frequently masterclasses, f.i. about his last book, launched in September 2012, "Het Geheim van Genialiteit" . Tijn is also often on stage with his wife Kris during their "Silence Concerts".


Robbert Zoon is born in Haarlem, a city west of Amsterdam, worked for ten years at several office jobs. In 2000 he steps out the daily ratrace, quits his job and takes a four months sabbatical by travelling to India. This backpack experience completely changed his view on life and on the daily news. After some more travelling in South-Asia Robbert really starts to follow his heart and becomes a civil journalist. His midlife challenge started! From 2005 he published daily positive news on his website Zinfo.nl. Since 2007 Robbert also organise the National Good Newsday in The Netherlands. This day is a growing success since already 24 different media participated on the latest edition in 2008. Next to that Robbert cooperate and advises several media on positive news. In 2008 Robbert even started cooperation on positive news with national press agency Novum. Working daily on positive news, already makes Robbert very happy. Mind the World now offers Robbert the great opportunity to really reach his goal: to offer positive news to as much people as possible. This dream now seems to come true! Robbert’s slogan: Follow your dream and just go with the flow!


Our General Mission :  


The goal of Mind the World is to connect all people who want a fair world, with fair products made by fair transparent companies according humane and environmental principles and all people who want to read more uplifting, positive news. We connect all inspiring, creative, humane, social, spiritual people and organizations to create a huge network of people who want to change the world. Our goal is to inform millions of people in 2012.  


Many people across the globe want a better world for everyone. Individually we all might not be able to make a big difference, but together we can. Economy and media have great influence on our daily life circumstances and our environment, so we focus on them.


Internet and technology has allowed people to be able to connect like never before. This way Mind the World becomes an inspiring network of millions of people from all countries, backgrounds and ages. Many of those people are mentioned today as the cultural creatives. According Wikipedia about 25% of the population in North America (50 million) and Europe (90 million) belong to this group. But Mind the World wants to show corporations and politicians that a fair and green world concerns even more people. In the end everybody, realy everybody got a better and happier life in a green and fair world. Why ? You can read our idea and goals on the bottom of this "about us" page.


Our News Mission :


Our goal is a more balanced and realistic news offer, worldwide, where next to problems and catastrophes, there is also serious attention for uplifting events and new solutions.


News is everywhere nowadays and offered to us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We see it on television, internet, radio, newspapers, etc. Still a growing number of people is unsatisfied about the current news offer and some even deny the daily news.


The sensational and problem oriented news the media mostly publishes hardly matches our daily reality. By mentioning all the bad things combined the whole world looks like a disaster place. But most people do not live in such reality.


The way media presents us the news now still makes fear the connecting factor in the world instead of love, hope and inspiration. Mind the World wants to change that: we offer you a regular selection of inspiring, constructive news from around the world.


Our Newsletter Mission :


Subscribing to our free newsletter not only makes you find inspiring, constructive news easily, it will also have a major impact on the media.


The more people we send our newsletter, the more people will find their way to constructive, inspiring news and will influence the web statistics. Media who publishes this kind of news get rewarded by millions of our newsletter readers. This will motivate media to publish more news like this and so the total news offer will become more balanced and realistic.


We believe that news has a major impact on people’s consciousness. So our selection of inspiring, constructive news not just informs, it focuses, inspires and encourages people, media and businesses to contribute to a better world for everyone.


After all information contributes to awareness, the first step to change. We believe the world will change if the news changes.


Our Fair Brands mission :


Our Fair Brands goal is changing the world into a better place to live, consume and work in. A fair world with humane circumstances and a healthy planet for everyone, created by socially-responsible corporations.


Corporations have great influence on people’s daily life circumstances and on our environment. However, the main goal of business is making the biggest profits. Looking after employee’s human rights or our environment is less important to them. Most corporations will do anything for gaining more money. We believe that this might feel like a problem. Yet it creates a huge possibility to change things, since business will do anything for money and will follow signals from their ‘markets’.


So that is what Fair Brands is going to achieve, together with you: changing by rewarding. Corporations with a soul will then have to compete with one another in fairness and according taking responsibility for the environment. High ranked corporations will find themselves bigger markets and at the same time improve the standard of living and the environment.


By subscribing to our newsletter your email address is added to our huge network. Our goal is to inform millions of people in 2012. The more people are included in our network, the more corporations will understand it's time to change. Politics might follow too once they realise we are with that many people.


Fair Brands is based on a new collective ideal. Not a local initiative but this time on a global scale through the internet. And without the institutions to do it for us. We will simply co-create a fair and green world for everybody by ourselves.


If corporations pay fair salaries worldwide and pay more attention to our environment, we create a respectful world for all human beings with education, medication, shelter, food and drink for everybody. We believe we can convince everybody to sign up because this movement improves quality standards for every human being by the following aspects:

- a better general health

- a stable population growth: more education and smaller families

- more economical and political freedom of movement and less forced migrants because of better possibilities in the countries of origin

- a variety of useful and meaningful sustainable products

- more understanding and respect between the Western and other worlds, with less terrorism and violence.

- a healthier environment, because of the correlation between care for the environment and an average national income above $ 1000 and (better) education and awareness

- more potential buyers of fair products.